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Delightful Sabbath Challenge & Resources

Thank you for accepting this challenge!

Complete each weekly challenge as shown on the Activities sheet.

  1. For 11/72020 Choose an activity from "Outdoor delight" list. The date is for the Sabbath on which you will do the activity:

         2. Answer that week's question from the "Delightful Sabbath Challenge Questions." The answers are in Testimonies for the Church Volume 2 page 582.3 Chapter is entitle "How Shall We Keep the Sabbath?"

      3. Plan your Sabbath with the information you selected from the Activity list. Write it down on this Planner:

Complete each challenge for the date shown from 1 to 7

Be prepared to share your experience in taking the challenge. You may be called upon to share what you did on any of the challenge dates during our follow up meeting on Sabbath 12/19/2020. Keep notes. 

REMEMBER: In order to claim the prize, you must complete the 7 Sabbath challenges from 11/7/2020 to 12/19/2020.

Each individual can be a part of this challenge, child or adult. Spread the word to your family members and friends. We encourage the lower division and youth leaders to get their members involved. This is ultimately for them.

The following are resource materials:

Seminar: "How To Survive 2020" (9-12-20)

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