Family Life Retreat

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Family Life Retreat
Heather Bartley - Head


Guest Presenter: Michael Bradenburg


2 bedroom/2 bathroom chalet (14 available)

Cost: $75/night. Sleeps a maximum of 6 people. The cost can be split 6 ways and would be $12.50 per person.

4 bedroom/3 bathroom house (1 available)

Cost: $109.50/night. Accomodates a maximum of 21 people. House-mates are strongly reommended because the cost can be split by 21. That would be a cost of just $5.21 per person!

Payment deadline: April 18th. Please submit all payments to Heather Bartley. She will submit it to Chris Powell (treasurer).

Click on link to see floor plans PRIOR to making your  final selection.


$50 per family unit (singles are considered a family of one)

Please note: Please bring your meals and linen. A kitchen is included in whichever choice you make. Please clean up before checkout. This includes washing the dishes and putting out the trash

Guidelines: This is a SDA owned and operated campsite. Biblical Sabbath hours are observed, and as such, some activities will not be available for use. The campsite requests that Leviticus 11 be adhered to as far as your meal preparation. Alcoholic beverages, smoking, firearms, fireworks and non-prescription narcotics, are not allowed. Pets are not allowed in any building, except for seeing eye dogs. If a dog is carried, it must be crated or on a leash at all times, no exception. Pooper scooper and waste disposal is the owner's responsibility. Lake County has a noise enforcement law in effect. There will be no loud noises after 10 p.m. and quiet time is enforced after 11 p.m.