Women's Ministry Day - July 5, 2014

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Women's Ministry Day - July 5, 2014
Union President explains, "How to Use Anger Positively"

“Positive Anger” was the title of Dr. Leonard Johnson’s powerful sermon on Sabbath, July 5, at the Fort Lauderdale Seventh-day Adventist Church during the celebration of “Women’s Ministry Day.”  The timeless and practical sermon resonated with the congregants.  For example, Dr. Johnson explained that when dealing with conflictive scenarios, “Don’t panic, don’t target the wrong person, and keep focused.”    Dr. Johnson who is president of the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission (ACUM) was accompanied by his wife Sis. Denise Johnson, Women’s Ministries Director, ACUM. 

On Sabbath afternoon, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, senior pastor, Ft Lauderdale Seventh-day Adventist Church led out in a special seminar, titled “Facing the Giant of Anger Management.” He focused on the following topics: 

“Anger Management Solutions for Men and Women” 
“How to Help a Friend Overcome Anger Issues”
“Anger Outbursts Linked with Higher Heart Disease and Stroke Risk”
“The Impact of Anger on Marriage”
“Anger Management  Tips for Young People”
“Anger and the Bible”
“Anger and the Spirit of Prophecy”. 

At the conclusion of the seminar a certificate was presented to each attendee by Sis. Sylvia Spence, Women’s Ministries Director, Fort Lauderdale Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

Otherwise, the day started off with an interesting Sabbath School program titled, “Celebrity Hour” that was chaired by Sis. Jeneive Watson. 

(Article by Pastor Jeffrey Thompson)